My Life's Dictionary

Adoring :
A love, A 💟, A Life, AimBeing :
Bold, Blind, Blushing, Blurred Ceasing :
Coming, Causing, Crying, Crushing Distancing :
Doubters, Dumbs, Dramas, DepressionEnlightening :
Elegance, Excellence, Experience, Energy Fighting :
Fears, Flirts, Freedom, FrustrationGaining :
Glory, Grieves, Gifts, Grudges Hiding :
Hesitation, Humanity, Hunger, Heart Inking :
Ideas, Intentions, Illusions, Indeed Judging :
Journals, Journey, Jingles, January Killing :
Kisses, Kindness, Kiddish, Knowledge Loving :
Losers, Lust, Longings, LightMourning :
Music, Myself, Mysteries, Mortality Nothing :
Nobility, Normal, Noticed, NightsOpposing :
Obsession, Obligations, Optimism, Oneness Proposing :
Prosperity, Possibility, Problems, Possessions Questioning :
Quotes, Quilt, Quiet, Quality Rising :
Rage, Realization, Reasons, Realistic Sublimating :
Suspicions, Sorrows, Singing, SexTroubling :
Traitors, Trust, Truth, Time Urging :
Understandings, Ultimately, Upset,
Unfortunately Violating :
Views, Visions, V…


They walk in heels, I stride in hope.
They sink into colors for lip, I feel the hunger.
They let shadows fall on eyelids, I look for the possibilities.
They wear it nice, I wear the cologne of feelings.
They go to parties, I keep refining my thoughts.
They accessorize much, I feel comfortable in soul.
They fancy much, I prioritize for miracle.
They are the tide, I am at the shore.
They are so happy, I live the pain I love.
They leave but I hold on.